What's Your Sign Slots

5 reels and 12 paylines are one of the most exciting ways you can win when trying to match up all those symbols. This slot machine is one that you may not have heard of recently, mostly because it is somewhat new. You can find that even though it is new, it is still just as exciting as ever. Place the max bet, or just put down the minimum, it is always your choice on what to put down and use to your advantage. Know your horoscope sign when you spin and learn more from this specific game and the fun you can have when you go to play it .

If you are someone that loves horoscopes and the magic that they hold, then this is the game for you. You can find a lot of the horoscopes waiting for you inside. You can find many ways to win when the time comes to line up the right symbols and see where they land. They can be sure that you are getting the cash in your account when the time comes. You just need to make sure to spin the reels and see where they land to find out what comes next. You can be sure to get it all and more, but you have to make sure you spin to win.

What Software Company Introduced This Slot?

The software company behind this slot machine is Wager Gaming Technology or WGT which is a well-known software company in the online casino world. The software is some of the smoothest you're going to find anywhere. You can see that the graphics are smooth, crisp, and clear. Each time you spin the reels, you are going to find that where they land is going to make a difference. However, when playing any Wager Gaming Technology slots, you will feel like you are in the middle of the casino floor being able to play each and every time you spin. Will you win?

Symbols for Winning, Symbols for Signs

Since the game has everything to do with the zodiacs, the signs are all there. From January to December, you will be able to see all 12 signs waiting for you. The moon and sun, which are part of the zodiacs are also there, giving a little something extra to check out for those who are spinning. The zodiac wheel is a common sight to see when the zodiacs are concerned, which is another symbol and one you are going to want to pay attention to when you are spinning the reels and seeing where they are going to land.

The symbols pay from left to right on the lines, so it is important to line them up in the right order to get bigger payouts. The better the symbol line up, the better the payout. Only the paylines that are turned on are paid out, so if you match symbols in another line you have not chosen, then you are not going to be paid for these. This is something important to keep in mind. The more symbols you match up, the more money you can get paid out with. Two or more matches are good to keep in mind. Get 10 times your bet, or up to 100 times your bet depending on how many matching symbols you've landed on.

The wild symbol that comes up on the board is the sun and moon. These symbols can replace any and all of the symbols that you match up on the board at the time. This is because they are able to match up with the other symbols you have on hand.

What's Your Bonus Round?

If you are ready to plan, then matching up wilds or scatters is one of the best things you can do. You can make sure that you are getting the best bonus round out there if they are offering one in many of the slots. There is a bonus round that is offered in this slot machine, so when you open it up, you are going to see just how exciting it can be to win a bit more cash. The zodiac wheel is the bonus reel which opens up the bonus round. Once you open up this bonus round, you can then take advantage of the automatic prize you are able to win inside the round. You just have to line up three or more of the symbols to open this round. You can stop the wheel on the sign you want to have. Once it lands, it will reveal the amount you have won or if you have won spins.

If you are ready to put down the minimum bet, that is fine, but if you want the max bet then $120 for a bet is going to be the best way to go about getting the biggest payout. You are in control when it comes to spinning the reels and landing in the right place. Once you do this, you are then able to get more from the spins, from the wins, and the extras that they are offering you with. You should be able to get more from the use of this game, especially when you are spinning to win it.