Over the years, we have seen top online casinos from the US optimize their tournament schedules to accommodate online players. Thus, today we have a tournament portfolio, if you will, that offers daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments now available. While some online casinos don't offer the full measure of tournaments, as is the case of Intertops Casino Classic Flash, others go whole hog. In this instance, Intertops offers daily and monthly tournaments with prize pools that run from $100 to $1000. More importantly, there are no entry fees. The games are a mix of slots and Keno, while other casinos separate their tournament games by category. The popularity of online tournaments has grown over the years as the prize pools have increased exponentially. Thus, the fact that players can compete against each other in these tournaments, as well as have their names posted on Leader Boards, is an attraction and incentive they cannot ignore.

Playing in Online Casino Tournaments

If you are the kind of person who loves to engage in online gaming with other players, online tournaments is the place to meet and compete. Remember too, that many other online casinos who have a very large assortment of tournaments can afford to offer prize pools worth $5000 or more. So whether you prefer to keep your tournament gaming on the down low, playing in tournaments is fun, competitive, and can be lucrative as well.