Intertops Casino is a bit unique when compared to other online gaming casinos, in that they've got several separate gaming halls that can be accessed all with a single account sign-up. For example, you can access the Sportsbook, Casino Red, Classic Casino and dedicated Poker gaming halls with just your username and password. With this, you'll have also get access to the $200 Sign up bonus with the Sportsbook, the 100% Sign up bonus on deposit with the Casino Red department, the 200% Sign up bonus with the Poker spot, and the 100% Sign up bonus that is commensurate with the Casino Classic. You'll be able to transfer money directly, as well as receive it, because of the robust suite of banking options that are available at Intertops Casino.

The banking terms vary somewhat depending on what part of the world you're hailing from. If you're from the United States, for example, there would be a slightly different range of applicability than if you're from Venezuela, for example - especially in the current climate insofar as Venezuela is concerned. You can choose your preferred currency from a list that includes the US dollar, the Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona, South African Rand, British Pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong dollar, Australian dollar and Norwegian Kroner.

From there, just fill in the fields for username, email address so you can receive correspondence from Intertops Casino, and a password for your actual casino account. There's a little bit of information required about your personal details, and it must match the info you have on your bank account so as to be able to verify that you're the legitimate owner of all banking details. Intertops Casino customer service is available at all stages of this process and others, so give them a ring, send an email, or contact them via Skype. There's also the almost immediately available Live Chat option, too; you'll learn more about that in depth in the next section.