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Mobile gaming is virtually at a fever pitch these days, given the excellence in construction of the latest generation of tablets and smartphones - or other app-enabled devices. With Snapdragon processors becoming ever more powerful and random access memory being squeezed into ever smaller space, tiny devices can pack more power than even the large desktop pcs of yesteryear. This leads to elite-level gaming experiences that really have you coming back for more. We have it on good authority that the casino games - especially the visual video slots - play best on phones because the smaller screen + higher resolution leads to an explosion of colors and crispness. It is for this reason that online casinos put so much emphasis on continuing to improve their dynamic mobile offering.

The following are a few of the better games that you can expect to find at the comprehensive Intertops Casino online gaming wonderland. As a full-service casino, you can do everything from your mobile device; this includes placing sports bets in the Sportsbook section of Intertops, as well as engaging in the Live Betting activities and putting some money on your favorite variations of Video Poker and Table Games. Some of the betting opportunities include the currently running World Cup (the most watched sport in the world, by all accounts, since practically all countries participate in soccer).

Other sports include professional baseball, basketball, American football, ice hockey, tennis and even prize fighting ventures of various types - including mixed martial arts/boxing. You'll even find sports that are exceptionally popular on the Asian continent - such as cricket.

As for mobile games of the normal fare, you will enjoy video slots such as Secret Jungle, Ancient Gods, Lucha Libre and others.:

  • Secret Jungle Slots - Journey into the Amazonian wilderness during the time of the Mayan Civilization in this 5 reel, 50 payline slot from none other than Realtime Gaming. It is replete with visions of the lovely ethnic girls of that long-dead society, which harbors relics on untold value even today. Download and play it to discover more of its hidden secrets.
  • Ancient Gods Slots - In times such as these, when we have sacrificed wisdom at the altar of intelligence, it can be nearly impossible to heed what the ancient gods have told us; Realtime Gaming has whipped up this concoction to remind us. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, it has plenty of different ways for you to win at; as long as you play all the paylines each time and use a good coin amount that you can handle. There's a free spins feature lurking in the game if you unlock the golden medallion scatter. Ancient Gods Slots has other treasures to uncover.
  • Lucha Libre Slots was such a success, that it inspired another, follow-up version by the same name. As for the initial rendition, it is a story of two wrestling stars that drive the crowd into a frenzy with their skillful antics and dazzling displays of athleticism. Mexican wrestling is the first and the best, and would go on to inspire the creation of the American giants in the World wrestling Federation and the WWE. The symbols on the reels include jalapeno peppers, tequila, gold cup trophies, chips and salsa and more. It's definitely one of those casinos that's worth a shot.
  • 3 Kingdom Wars Slots - This Chinese-themed slot has 5 reels and an awesome 50 paylines, with a betting range for real money players from 0.20 credits to 500 credits. It's got free spins galore, especially when you tap into the special symbols lining up in a row. Since it's from Real Time Gaming, you can be sure that it is fair and balanced. The backstory is stimulating, and reflects on mythological Oriental pantheons and the luck that they bring to erstwhile and present players.

The mobile gaming space at Intertops Casino is open for business, and waiting for both fun money and real cash players. Download today.

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