If you've been anywhere around the online casino gaming space for awhile, then you're certain to have heard of Intertops Casino and Sportsbook - they're one of the most robust full-suite guys around. At this casino, you can get virtually (pun intended) anything you'd like in terms of fun and games, as well as a very real opportunity to win some cash and prizes that actually count for something in the real world.

Sports Games Betting at Intertops

Additionally and somewhat uniquely for most online gaming casinos, Intertops also offers a Sportsbook with many different types of gambling sports available for you to play the odds. This means that you can bet on sports as varied as Soccer (known internationally as the original football), Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis and even the almost exclusively American game of Football - the gridiron kind where hopes and dreams are dashed or realized at the end of every January via the Superbowl.

At any point in time, some of the hottest teams and associated rivalries are up on the betting board for your convenience. Feel free to take on the Atlanta Falcons, the New York Jets, the Oakland Raiders or the Detroit Lions to see which one measures up and puts some serious change in your pocket. The Intertops Sportsbook is here in full effect, and consistently delivers the goods.

While we're on the topic of American Football, you also have options for the preseason betting lines, the NFL Season Specials and much, much more. Just head to Intertops Sportsbook and Casino to place your bets and understand the rules onsite (in reverse order, of course). For fun's sake, you can also participate in the polling as to what other gamers think will happen in the in-season battles; perhaps this might even influence the character of your betting - but of course, the liability is all yours if you choose this route. Sometimes, you may know much more than the legions of voters.

Golf Betting at Intertops

The ultimate game of leisure; golf betting is often a hot topic at Intertops Sportsbook and Casino. You will find that the $200 Welcome Bonus has the potential to go a long way towards this end; given that you can place this down as your initial bet or first few bets against the odds. The Ryder Cup is available to be bet on, as well as the hectic rush towards using the final Major of the year as your springboard to riches; just make sure you spend some time picking the player for you at the Bellerive Country Club, based on his play and his capabilities as determined by your assessment of his skills and the success he's had to date.

Alternatively, you can also pay attention to the competitive golfing by country instead of by individual competitors tied to a particular country. This heightens the fervor; but that's why you're betting in the first place, right? Put your chips in for the USA or for Europe; whichever you desire. Players like Dustin Johnson, Gary Woodland, Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler are represented on the game board; the PGA Championship is on the line and betting begins at the prescribed time on the Intertops website.

After you're done with the exclusively USA PGA Championship, you can continue along with the International competition by entering the Solheim Cup (the Ryder Cup, mentioned earlier, is also an International Competition). The playing field is larger here, and you will find more favorable bets. Play them all if you're a true golf betting fan; you never know what riches may come of it.

The Need for Speed - Betting on Fast Cars

An often unsung sport outside of America and Germany, sports racing with souped up vehicles gets its just due at the Intertops Sportsbook. NASCAR, in particular, is one of the most popular variants to bet on here, given the eminently recognizable names that you'll find on the board. There's Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Busch, Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick - just to start off the hallowed crew. The NASCAR Cup Series Championship is on the line here, and you would do well to get in on the betting early to stake your claim to the prize.

The excitement is as thunderous as it is at a horse racing track; there's as much as you're comfortable with on the line to make the game as fun as possible, without being too risky. Try it today - Intertops Sportsbook is open at all hours for new applicants and existing club members.

Basketball as a Worldwide Phenomenon

Basketball is easily one of the most watched sports in the whole wide world, which means that you should have no problem finding betting partners. Although the biggest game in town, the NBA Playoffs, ended in June, you can still find US-based games and international play at Intertops Sportsbook during the offseason. These should hold you over until the primary NBA season begins again, and the betting becomes heavy and fierce.