3X Wild Cherry Slots

Cherries are delicious and quite rare and expensive in some countries but when it comes to online gaming, cherries are a common site in the classic slots games. This three reel one payline slots game is definitely considered a classic with plenty of cherries to be seen, single bars, double bars and triple bars together with cash and bell symbols that make up the symbols in the game. Players may try out the game for fun before placing real money bets. The player has a wide choice of coin sizes presented from $0.01 up to $10 and can place up to 3 coins per bet per spin giving a maximum bet of $30.

Winning the Progressive Jackpot and the Wild Payouts

This game also includes a progressive jackpot that increases with every real money bet that is placed. The player can win the jackpot only when landing three of the 3x cherry symbols and having placed a three coin bet. The 3x cherry is wild and it can help make up a winning payout tripling the payout if one appears on the line and multiplying the payout by 9x if two appear on the line. Apart from the 3x cherry, the logo of the game is the second highest paying symbol awarding players 1500 coins when three appear on the payline with a three coin bet. Two award the player 1000 coins and one awards the player 500 coins. Cherries seem that much sweeter after playing this simple and rewarding slots game.