Intertops Casino has four primary ways of contacting their dedicated Support team: email, live chat, Skype or telephone. Each method has its benefits; but of course, some are more expedient than others.

  • Email: You can reach support by the most famous and widely-used alternative to the snail mail of yesteryear: email. If you've already got a gmail, hotmail or private server email account, then you're all set up to contact Intertop Casino at You can expect a reply promptly during the week, and it is not uncommon to get back to you even during an especially busy weekend.
  • Live Chat: This is easily one of the most popular options. You are, after all, already playing one of the numerous video slots, table games, video poker, specialty games or tournament games; the ability to click the animated Live Chat option on most of the pages of Intertops Casino is quite the advantage. An operator will be with you shortly, and the chat can continue until you've had your fill.
  • Skype: Microsoft's flagship video messenger service, here before Google Hangout was even conceived of, is still a very good and technically savvy means of communication with the online casino. As long as you already have a personal or business account set up, you can access the Intertops Casino operators.
  • Telephone: If all else fails, or is you strongly prefer to speak with a human operator (you're probably an ENTJ personality type or something similar), then you can just pick up the phone and call during normal operating hours to get in touch with someone that can meet all your casino-related needs. For obvious reasons of time differences and location, this option isn't always available; but it is one of the fastest ways to get the answers you need from a knowledgeable casino employee.