Mermaid's Quest Slots

The slots that are offered in many casinos might not seem very promising, but when it comes to pulling the reels and seeing where they land, then this might be the place to play. The theme of this slot is one of the most exciting because they provide colorful pictures and just a fun theme overall. Due to this, many people choose to play here. Plus the payouts, and the high percentage of 96% payout rate is what brings even more people in. You can learn more about this fun game when you take the time to play inside the casino for yourself.

With 9 paylines and 5 reels, you can play this bonus video slot machine that has a lot of fun and games waiting for you to make use of. You can also check out the extras that come with this game because even though it seems somewhat plain and simple, it is a great choice of game to go with because it provides the fun and games you need and want. Simply pull the reels and try yourself to see where they land.

The Software Provider is a Great One

The software that is provided is the software provider that so many know about and play games with. Wager Gaming Technology or WGT is one of the most and best-known software companies out there that provides the help you want and need. The software that you choose to use for the gaming and casino you choose to play in is going to make a huge difference. WGT is one of the top names in the casino software industry, so you can rest assured knowing you have the best graphics and sounds to play with each and every time you pull the reel.

Learning the Magical Symbols

Since this theme is all about mermaids, it has an under the water theme, as well as many pretty mermaids that swim about. The symbols that are found inside the slots are ones that determine how much you win when you line them up. There are many sea-themed symbols such as lobsters, turtles, dolphins, clams, conch shells, crabs, starfish, seahorses, and so many others. All of these themed symbols are going to pay out something if you are able to line them up in the right place. Once you do, you will see just how easy it is to make some cash.

Through the use of these symbols, you can find that playing and being a mermaid is a great thing. The more symbols you are able to line up, the bigger the payout is going to be. King Neptune is the scatter symbol, so you are going to want to land on him when it comes to getting more than one in a row and being able to get a lot back into your account. The treasure chest symbols are the wilds in the game, and they can replace any of the other symbols besides the scatters or the bonuses that you come across. They are also ones that have a higher payout when you line them up just right. The mermaids are known as the bonus symbols and they can open up the bonus round, giving you even more cash, though some of the other symbols give out some extras for your account.

Do They Offer Bonus Rounds Under the Sea?

When you line up the mermaids in a row, you open up a bonus round. This is where you spin the reels again and see where they land. When you choose which mermaid to go with, you get the bonus surprise that is located under that specific symbol. Those who line up three King Neptunes in a row, who is the scatter, can find themselves getting 10 extra spins! This is great for those who want to use them to win even more cash in their account. Your winnings are waiting within this slot machine that takes you deep below the sea and gives you bonuses.

When you are ready to swim in the deep blue, then make sure to sign up and become a part of this exciting slot machine. You can get more cash in your pocket, free spins, great fun and more. Everyone loves this slot because of the excitement it brings to the table and to the player. You should be able to get more from the use of these and other symbols and slots, but when choosing which slot machine is your favorite; this one might be the one to go with. Start spinning to win today to get more.